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PLM Consulting

Committed to delivering innovative PLM solutions, we help our clients to find, implement, and operate the best PLM technologies and practices for their business needs. Our experts provide comprehensive, unbiased information and leverage their extensive knowledge and industry experience to enable you to make the best decisions, drive desired business improvements, and achieve the intended results.


PLM Executive Perspective

High-level introduction and synopsis of product lifecycle management for corporate executives and decision makers.

PLM Seminars and Workshops

In-depth PLM seminars and workshops for decision makers, project leaders, and solution recommenders who need to find and implement the right solution for their organization.

Business Transformation

PLM Process and Technology Analysis (Gap Analysis)

Detailed analysis of existing business processes and technologies, identification of PLM related business needs and recommendation of potential improvements based on industry best practices and latest available enabling PLM technologies.

PLM Strategy and Roadmap

Development of a comprehensive, long-term PLM strategy and roadmap with recommended activities and priorities for an incremental adoption of new PLM processes and technologies that support and enable your organization’s strategies and objectives for innovation and growth.

PLM Business Case

Analysis and presentation of the costs, benefits and cash flow consequences that will result from an implementation and use of PLM in your organization.

System Evaluation

We follow and apply the international ISO/IEC 14598 quality requirements and recommendations for software evaluations.

PLM Requirements

Definition of detailed requirements for a PLM solution that can support your organization’s long-term PLM strategy and enable planned process integrations and improvements.

PLM Technology Appraisal

Review, comparison, and appraisal of suitable PLM vendors and systems.

PLM Request for Information/Proposal (RFI/RFP)

Development of a detailed PLM request for information (RFI) and request for proposal (RFP) and evaluation of vendor responses for completeness and accuracy.

PLM Benchmark

Development of realistic use cases and benchmark of selected PLM systems.

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