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Customer Testimonials and References


RB; Pentair, Inc.

“[Metafore has] demonstrated a full working knowledge of the business needs of an engineering/manufacturing environment and [has] exhibited a professionalism that I would categorize as impartial, serving the best interests of the customer...

I can unreservedly recommend the outstanding work of [Metafore] to anyone who is looking to evaluate and implement a PLM solution for his or her organization and would gladly engage with them again should the opportunity arise.”

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GC; Kavlico Corporation

“Metafore provided very helpful and impartial information in the initial education and fact-finding phase and did an outstanding job during the evaluation of various competing PLM systems."

TH; Circle Seal Controls

“We have been very pleased with phase 1 of the [I-deas/TDM to NX/Teamcenter] migration and are looking forward to phase 2."